Whether you're installing a new sprinkler system from scratch, altering an existing sprinkler system or just making a repair, Right Irrigation Supply has everything you'll need to get the job done right.

We carry five major professional irrigation brands . . .
Rain Bird®, Hunter®, Toro®, K-Rain® and Irritrol®.
Professional grade products are built to last.

Our product lines include sprinkler heads, valves, controllers, PVC pipe and fittings, multi-strand underground wire, valve boxes, backflow devices, drip irrigation, hand tools & lawn seed.

Looking for that hard to find spray pattern? We carry, a wide variety if spray nozzle patterns. In addition to the fixed patterns we carry adjustable nozzles, rotator nozzles, low volume and strip nozzles.

Drip Irrigation is the fastest growing segment of irrigation. Now, more than ever, water is a precious resource not to be squandered

and Drip Irrigation is the most efficient use of that resource. With a water savings of up to 70% you can’t afford not to Drip. Drip Irrigation is highly effective on flower & shrub beds, hedges, vegetable gardens, raised beds, planter boxes & hanging baskets.

Don’t have an automatic sprinkler system? No Problem, Drip Irrigation can be installed on a hose faucet too.

Looking to convert some or all of your existing sprinkler heads to Drip? We can help you with that too. It’s easy! No Digging, No Gluing, No Problem!

We can help you, one on one, to get exactly what you need and easy instructions on how to install it yourself.

We stock the largest selection of drip irrigation supplies in the Portland-Vancouver area. Selection includes emitters in ½ through 24 gallons per hour, in-line & adjustable emitters, laser cut tubing, tubing with emitters built-in, distribution tubing, vinyl tubing, ball valves for tubing, sprayers on stakes, pop-up sprayers, fittings, filters, pressure reducers, battery hose timers and much more.

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