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Sally Dee
"Right Irrigation provided EXCELLENT irrigation design virtually for free (as you receive small cost back when you purchase parts from them) and helped solve all the irrigation issues we were facing on a re-landscape of an old established property with nothing standard about it. It was steeply sloped and had three separate lawns, an unusual method of bringing the water in, no existing backflow device, and long uphill runs were necessary. The design and parts recommended by Cindy worked beautifully and we had plenty of pressure for everything. They provided an installation manual with every little thing you would need to know to install your irrigation system perfectly. The valves and timer they recommended for the lawn and the drip all worked beautifully as well. You get professional help and ongoing support here that you can't get from a hardware store. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you Right Irrigation!!!"

Bill Herring
"I just dropped in because I was inexperienced with the lawn irrigation system in my new home. Cindy was at the counter and guided me through the basics of sprinkler heads, nozzles, adjustments, interchangeability, buying new parts, etc. Much of that time was in the back where they store all their parts and equipment. I was amazed that anyone would take so much time for someone like me, who has never been a customer. I can assure you (and Cindy), that I WILL be a customer in the future. Very impressive service!"

Brian Moreaux
"Cindy was incredibly helpful when I came in to design a drip irrigation system for my garden. I had no prior experience with drip systems and very little knowledge about how they work. After a quick search online for local resources, it was clear that Right Irrigation was the best place to go! I live in SW Portland so I didn't want to make more than 1 trip up to Vancouver...which means I had to get everything right the first time. With Cindy's help, over the course of an hour I had everything designed and purchased. Was able to set it up the next day with no problems at all. This is the place to go for any type of gardener looking for a lot of experiential knowledge about setting up a drip system. All parts are sold in bulk and their prices are very fair compared to online options. The real value here lies in the knowledge and service you will receive. I will encourage my friends to go here and create their own custom system rather than buying a pre-assembled kit."

Juli Lewis
"My husband was frustrated with a small broken part on his sprinkler valve. I got online to find who might carry it locally. As he was headed out to one of the "big" stores I found Right Irrigation very close to home. He was there a back very quickly with just the part he needed. What a great find. We will be back!!"

Thomas Ng
"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff in person and over the phone. They had all the parts in stock as I needed to replace a few control values and irrigation filters."

Valued Customer
"I went to this company to help me with an above ground sprinkling system. I went home with all of the components. It went together easily with their guidance and it works great. I'm so pleased. Lynn"

Steve Foster
"With each $10 worth of product you get $20 worth of advice."

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Step'N T.
"Sprinkler System Supplies - Right Irrigation was recommended to me by my builder. Over the years I have found their staff very helpful and always have all the irrigation supplies I need for my sprinkler system."

K U.
"Check out this Shop! - Right Irrigation is where we found the grass seed that was recommended to us. Whenever we need supplies for our lawn, this is where we shop. Salespeople are helpful."

Kelli M.
"Watering Needs - Right Irrigation Supply helped me create a drip irrigation system for my yard. At first, I didn't think I could do it, but they put me at ease with helpful, easy to follow instructions."

Tom M.
"Great Service - This company was a joy to work with. I brought in a drawing of my yard and they helped me design an irrigation system. They sell quality products and make sure that you completely understand how to install them."